Hong Kong Culture: Verde Mar – The Best in Mexican Cuisine in Hong Kong

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Verde Mar (Hong Kong)

Verde Mar, Hong Kong, China.

Christopher KL Lau

Mexican food has always been popular in Hong Kong and is enjoying a renaissance in the city. Restaurateur Vivian Wong has been at the forefront of bringing a truly unique and authentic Mexican dining experience to the legions of foodies in Hong Kong.

Her latest venture is the newly opened Verde Mar (Green Sea) located in Wanchai but within walking distance of Admiralty and is already proving to be a hit amongst residents within the community and office workers.

Verde Mar, Hong Kong, China.

Verde Mar’s strength lies in its dedication to preparing dishes which are made with fresh, seasonal ingredients in order to produce a truly authentic taste and feel. Upon arrival at Verde Mar, patrons are often struck by the refreshing and engaging interior design and use of colourful yet faded colors – an ambiance which adds to the sense that they are really stepping into a whole new culture. Verde Mar remains true to itself in that its wide variety of dishes are often spicy and make use of native and traditional ingredients such as peanuts, vanilla, beans, coconuts and tomatoes to produce flavorsome and mouth-watering dishes.

Like any cuisine, Mexican food is ever-evolving and changing and this is reflected in Verde Mar’s selection of dishes. There have a fine range of meat dishes in the form of Arrachera Steak, Birria Beef stew, whole roasted chicken and many more palatable delights. The Arrachera steak (HKD298) was filling and tender and definitely one of the restaurant’s signature dishes.

For those who like fish or seafood then from the menu, you can select Fish Veracruz, Fish Chicharon, Shrimp Ceviche, Shrimp Diablo and Fish Ceviche with Avocado. Each dish is, of course, very well presented and supplemented by spices and toppings to add further flavour and taste. For those who are looking for the popular favourites then Verde Mar does not disappoint; they serve classic and very filling Enchilada Cenaduria, Paella, Burritos, Quesadilla and Tacos.

Blush, Hong Kong.
Blush, Hong Kong.

For those with a sweet tooth then patrons can also try the Churros as well as the flavoured drinks in the form of a Horchata (Sweet Mexican Rice Milk) and Jarritos which are both popular soft drinks native to Mexico.

Reasonably priced with a relaxing yet vibrant atmosphere and very attentive staff, Verde Mar stands out from its competitors. Combining a comfortable interior and wide selection of appetizing, well-prepared and delicious Mexican food, Verde Mar offers the most original Mexican food in Hong Kong.

Verde Mar, Hong Kong, China.

Verde Mar
24 Tai Wong Street East
Wanchai, Hong Kong
Tel: 852 2810 0888


Verde Mar, Hong Kong, China.

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POMME: A Taste of Paris in Hong Kong


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By Christopher KL Lau

Located deep in the heart of Wanchai, Hong Kong, is a little taste of Paris for those with a sweet tooth to sample a diverse variety of cupcakes, tarts and cakes. For years, Hong Kong was lacking any form of truly authentic European style cafe culture whereby customers can simply chill out and enjoy good company and conversation. Enter Pomme Hong Kong to fulfill this simple need.


Pomme Hong Kong is the brain child of Tracy Chow, a ‘Le Cordon Bleu’ educated chef and pastries expert. Motivated and inspired by a life long desire to follow her dreams and passion, Tracy gave up her life as a lawyer to train in Paris at the famed culinary establishment and then went to work as an intern in Tokyo in an contemporary cake shop; here she further enhanced and honed her skills to the tee.

Chow’s dreams came full circle when she hedged her bets and opened Pomme. She was inspired by the unique, chic and stylish Parisian cafes which she experienced and visited when she was a student in France. Realizing that there was a gap in the Hong Kong market for such a venture, she went for it and now several years on, Pomme is still going strong amid widespread critical acclaim for her authentic sweetened and sugar-coated baked products. Pomme has built up a loyal customer base and this has seen Chow diversify into catering services, jewelry and cake accessories.


Chow is a skilled practitioner and spends hours and days on end perfecting her selection of cakes and cookies. Some of her most popular cake choices include Trio, Fraoula, banana cake, Angelina and Chestnut cake. Chow has meticulously created a huge array and copious amount of appetizing cupcakes rich in taste and visual appeal; she seemingly has a cupcake for every special occasion and interestingly, for every animal! Oh and Pomme also serves a mean coffee for customers to sip and enjoy the aroma!

Pomme Hong Kong is the perfect place for people to relax, chat and enjoy the art of conversation; a skill seemingly lost in the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong. It’s interior reflects those of cafes found in Paris; namely, snug, cosy and intimate. Hong Kong has seen the recent growth of European style cafes and competition is tough yet Pomme has remained one of the market leaders through their amicable and friendly customer centered service.

Address: G/Floor, Southern Commercial Building, 11 Luard Road. Wanchai, Hong Kong