Film – The Train to Busan – A Morality Tale of These Modern Times

From what seems to be a yet another take on the end of world zombie scenario type of flick, the smash hit South Korean film “Train to Busan” delves deeper into the dark side of the human psyche and how humans react to near death experiences where it is ultimately killed or be killed. TrailerContinue reading “Film – The Train to Busan – A Morality Tale of These Modern Times”


“Monsieur Lazhar”, directed by Philippe Falardeau, is a simple and understated Canadian – French drama, which quietly addresses and confronts the often difficult subject of grief and sudden loss. Set in Montreal, Quebec, the film opens like a myriad of other films about school life, full of zest and optimism; this is until a student,Continue reading “FILM: “MONSIEUR LAZHAR” – THE PROCESS OF HEALING”