Orange Peel – Championing the Hong Kong Live Music Scene

First Published – Orange Peel, one of the trendiest, hippest and most vibrant music venues in Hong Kong, is a popular artistic and cultural hub in the city. Witness the large crowds of music lovers who flock there to see the latest in both new and established performers. If you are a Hong Kong musicContinue reading “Orange Peel – Championing the Hong Kong Live Music Scene”

Another Side of Spain – Zaragoza: The Heart of Aragon……….

First Published here: Spain is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world and millions of tourists from all around the world head to its shores to experience its rich blend of culture, cuisine and excitement. The most popular destinations are of course Madrid, Barcelona and it’s many beach resorts such asContinue reading “Another Side of Spain – Zaragoza: The Heart of Aragon……….”


Fashion and nature share one common thing: Beauty in its purest form. It is only natural that the world of fashion is now increasingly incorporating greater sustainable practices into the production of it’s products. One such pioneer is Pauline Siu, an Eco-Friendly Green designer successfully merging the worlds of nature and fashion together. A nativeContinue reading “FLORA&FAUNA CANADA – SUSTAINABLE FASHION! MERGING BEAUTY AND THE ENVIRONMENT!”

Diane Monet – A Name and Legacy to Live Up Too – Hong Kong Exhibition

Often living with the name or in the shadows of a global cultural icon can be both daunting and challenging. This is especially true if your surname happens to be “Monet”. This is the name that Claude Monet’s great grand niece, Diane carries and she lives with this privilege it with grace, poise and talent.Continue reading “Diane Monet – A Name and Legacy to Live Up Too – Hong Kong Exhibition”

SOCIETY: Back to Basic IDEA Project Exhibition

Island East has another great and free exhibition with a non profit and charitable theme. This time, the exhibition is run and designed by a NGO called IDEA. This group is a collective of well meaning and passionate people who are keen for greater group participation through design and architecture. Their work is spread outContinue reading “SOCIETY: Back to Basic IDEA Project Exhibition”

Art: “It’s Never Too Late” Calligraphy by Yang Ming Yi

Hailing from Suzhou, China, the artist, Yang Ming Yi, is slowly gaining greater international acclaim with his unique form of expressionism and work which blends calligraphy and art into an unique style. Yang Ming Yi’s pieces are rarely lengthy and often are simplistic in nature and comprise very few characters. The characters that he focusesContinue reading “Art: “It’s Never Too Late” Calligraphy by Yang Ming Yi”

ART: Eva Armisen Exhibition (Hong Kong)

Eva Armisen, the acclaimed Spanish artist, recently displayed her unique style at an exhibition in Harbour City, Hong Kong. Her works depict the beauty of simple moments of everyday life. Armisen is originally from Zaragoza, Spain and her fame has taken her all around the world. In her career, she has had solo exhibits aroundContinue reading “ART: Eva Armisen Exhibition (Hong Kong)”

SOCIETY: 2012 HKTDC Inno Design Tech Expo

These are some pictures I took last year at the Hong Kong for the 2012 HKTDC Inno Design Tech Expo. This was an exhibition highlighting the latest creative and innovative ideas from more than 250 exhibitors from nations around the world – including from Expo partner Denmark.