FILM: “HEAD GAMES” The Sports Documentary Film

Tagline “How much are you willing to lose for a game?” If every time you took to the field to participate in the sport that you love but knew that you could potentially be slowly killing yourself, would you still play with the same level of determination and grit? Is the modern sports culture ofContinue reading “FILM: “HEAD GAMES” The Sports Documentary Film”

“To The Wonder” – Terrance Malick Returns with Ben Affleck

The reclusive genius, Terrence Malick has returned with his latest offering “To the Wonder”. Normally, a significant time passes between each of his cinematic offerings but “To the Wonder” is being released after only two years after Malick won the Palme D’or for “The Tree of Life”. The piece will be released this coming SundayContinue reading ““To The Wonder” – Terrance Malick Returns with Ben Affleck”