Trafalgar Square XX/XY Premiere on Sunday – free!

Happy Chinese New Year – Gong Hei Fat Choi! Come and join in the Chinese New Year festivities in Trafalgar Square this Sunday 29 January and catch the premiere of XX/XY a 12 minute piece composed by Liz Liew and Andy Leung which is part of PRS for Music Foundation’s New Music 20×12 for the Cultural Olympiad. Joining them on stage is a cellist,Continue reading “Trafalgar Square XX/XY Premiere on Sunday – free!”

“Dreams of a Life” – Would Anyone Miss You? Documentary

Tagline – “Would Anyone Miss you?” “Dreams of a Life” is the new documentary drama by Carol Morley and is a study of urban isolation and loneliness in a large scale urban hub…in this instance, London, England. The piece is based on the true life story of Joyce Vincent and a vibrant life lived andContinue reading ““Dreams of a Life” – Would Anyone Miss You? Documentary”

Sports and Politics: A Dangerous Mix?

March 2009 – An Old piece (I may update this) “Serious sport is war minus the shooting” – George Orwell Can sports lead to the start of conflicts, build bridges, cause international incidences and change governments? Well yes. Sports and politics in theory are two separate entities but often the two collide. With the recentContinue reading “Sports and Politics: A Dangerous Mix?”

Teenage Sports Sensations: Too much? Too soon?

An old Article February 2009 What’s the price for success? We have all heard similar stories; sporting or academically gifted youths whom simply disappear from the radar. Yes, success takes hard work and dedication but what happens when what you love begins to dominate your life? Will it be less fun and more like aContinue reading “Teenage Sports Sensations: Too much? Too soon?”