Strange Days – A Brave New World…..

Strange Days, directed by Kathryn Bigelow (years before she won an Oscar) in 1995, is one of few films made in the nineties which accurately captured the sense of anxiety, fear and desperation as the entire world hurtled in the 21st century. The film is set in 1999 with the old millennium drawing to an end. Ralph Fiennes is the leadContinue reading “Strange Days – A Brave New World…..”

Dirty Pretty Things (2002) with Amelie Tautou – The “Other” London………

London is a bustling cosmopolitan city with over ten million people in both the City of London and Greater London. It is a hive of ceaseless activity with an incredible diversity of people from all around the world. It is this cultural tapestry and blend of people which gives it such energy, hustle and bustle.  GivenContinue reading “Dirty Pretty Things (2002) with Amelie Tautou – The “Other” London………”

Survival of the Fittest – “Animal Kingdom”

An incredible Australian film about the criminal underworld of Melbourne. Absolutely riveting and powerful……Animal Kingdom tells of the ties that bind in an Australian gangland family in Melbourne. The old adage is that you dont choose your family rings true in this absolutely brilliant film. When 17 year Josh (James Frecheville) is left as an orphanContinue reading “Survival of the Fittest – “Animal Kingdom””

The King’s Speech Sweeps……….!

The King’s speech has as expected swept the Oscars. I have been looking forward to seeing this for absolutely ages given the rave reviews and supposedly standing ovations it has been receiving all across the world. Hopefully I should be able to watch it by the end of the week. I always knew the story of H.M.Continue reading “The King’s Speech Sweeps……….!”

“The Tree of Life” – Terrence Malick Returns……

The Tree of Life – “Unless you love….Your life will flash by…..” Terrence Malick is a cinematic genius and after another long hiatus, he has returned with the eagerly awaited “The Tree of Life” with heavyweights Brad Pitt and Sean Penn. From what I know the film tells of a boy’s relationship with his parents from birth all the way toContinue reading ““The Tree of Life” – Terrence Malick Returns……”